Borough Market – My Picks

Ah, Borough market. Where do I start? This beautiful abyss of stalls is any foodies dream. But sometimes choice can be overwhelming. That’s ok though, I’ve got you. Here’s my list of the best eats the market has to offer.

1. Sweet potato fries at Scotchtails.
Crunchy on the outside, smooth in the middle and 100% delicious. Just look at this picture. Is your mouth watering yet?


2. Heidi pie at Pieminister. Stuffed with goats cheese, spinach and sweet potato. This is one of the only vegetarian/ halal pies they have to offer, but no one’s complaining when it tastes this good.


3. Grilled cheese toastie at Kappacasein. The queue will be long. The wait will be worthwhile.


4. Cake at Ion patisserie. Everything here is beautiful. I recommend the vanilla cheesecake brownie.


5. Doughnuts at Bread Ahead. The caramel honeycomb one is oh so good. Creamy, crunchy, all good things.


6. Chai at Organic Life. This Chai is brilliant. Trust me, I’m Asian. But if you’re not a tea person, the latte’s next door are pretty great too.


Happy eating!


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